About this service

VVS Restaurant and Bar, located in Atlanta, GA opened in 2020. Owner and founder Alre M. Alston wanted to add to his list of venues “providing great food, quality customer service, a clean establishment and consistency in a fun, relaxed and entertaining environment…” – VVS

The Opportunity

Being a long time customer of Mechanical Bull Sales, Inc., manufacturer of the No. 1 Mechanical Bull System, Alston realized the capabilities that the sister company, 3D Sculpture Worx, had with creating a one of a kind mechanical ride.
Fitting to aesthetics of the VVS environment, 3D Sculpture Worx custom made a life-like mechanical lion ride attachment for our sister company, Mechanical Bull Sales, Inc.

The Process

Carved out of EPS Foam, hard coated with fiberglass and custom airbrushed brought this lion ride attachment to life.
The sculpture would not only have to look like a real lion, but have a mechanism embedded inside for a motor, a saddle on top and a handle to meet the functionality of Mechanical Bull Sales, Inc.’s current safety standards of their rides. A custom designed air mattress was added for additional uniqueness.

The Result

Our final product was a beautiful mechanical lion ride attachment with a custom paint job that brought this ride attachment to life.

  • Project Name Lion Ride Attachment
  • Client VVS Restaurant and Bar
  • Project Location Atlanta, GA