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Carving Process

Every 3D foam carving project begins with a 3D model. A 3D model is built by our in-house designers using modeling software to create a digital file. Initially, these digital files are used to validate what we are building matches the expectations of our customers. This file is then used to begin the planning and mapping out of the sculpture. The larger the sculpture, the more critical the file becomes. Many times, large sections of foam are glued together to form even larger structures before the carving takes place.

Our Equipment


Our FrogMill is the leading 4-axis CNC mill for foam, sign and carving industry.  With its high gantry and 4th axis for rotational carving, our mill can handle projects of any size.

Not only do we carve foam, but also wood, plastics, and light metals with accuracy and precision.


Our FrogWire is the top CNC hotwire for the foam industry.  With its 3-axis capacity, and independent arms, we quickly and easily shape architectural forms, signage and more.  From flat curves and blocks, to full 2D and 3D forms, the FrogWire’s speed saves time and money to produce stunning results.

Large-Format Printing

Our large-format printer has the capability to deliver print jobs fast, using healthier Latex, water-based inks and produces durable, scratch-resistant prints on a wide variety of medias.

Paired with our large-format printer is our vinyl cutter that can make your custom shapes for signage and vinyl clean and crisp.

Junair paint booth

Our Junair paint booth is top of the line and allows for fine finishing of small to large projects and is known to be, “… exceedingly environmentally sound when compared to any other booth on the market…”

Fusion Pro Laser

Our Fusion Pro Laser machine allows us to engrave and cut a great number of substrates, with its 5G acceleration, 165 IPS engraving speed and IRIS Camera Posotioning system we can get a high quality, accurate end product in record time.

Material Compatibility

Wood X X
Acrylic X X
Fabric X X
Glass X  
Coated Metals x  
Ceramic x  
Delrin x x
Cloth x x
Leather x x
Marble x  
Matte Board x x
Melamine x x
Mother of Pearl x x
Paper x x
Mylar x x
Pressboard x x
Rubber x x
Wood Veneer x x
Fiberglass x x
Painted Metals x  
Tile x  
Plastic x x
Cork x x
Corian x x
Anodized Aluminum x  
Stainless Steel *  
Brass *  
Titanium *  
Bare Metals *  
* CO2 lasers will mark bare metals when coated with a metal marking solution. For more information, visit our laser metal marking page.