Architectural Elements

For Construction or Production

Architectural Elements

3D Decorative Architectural Components

Creative construction requires innovative and unconventional thinking. 3D Sculpture Worx delivers customized lightweight solutions for all interfaces, relying on Styrofoam because its durable, offers longevity, and  requires little maintenance. It doesn’t rot or decay as wood does and is more economical, making it a great choice for your architectural elements, details and accents.

3D Facades & Façade Panels

Our facade panels are created from Styrofoam, which is a smart alternative in construction and decor industries. Styrofoam is preferable because it is lightweight and offers easy installation, saving time and money.

Decorative Pillars

These can be designed to match your vision or the architectural style of any space.  Decorative pillars are lightweight but offer the durability of stone, making them the ideal alternative to wood, stone and other building materials.

Ceiling Tiles

Our ceiling tile facades are lightweight and can be customized to any design, providing a fascinating visual for any space. At 3D Sculpture Worx, we have the tools to create complex, amazing structures that radiate incomparable beauty and give life to ideas that previously only existed in your mind.  Talk to us today.

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