3D Stage Props

For Theatre, Movies or TV

3D Stage Props

Much like scenery and costumes, props are crucial elements of any theatre, movie or TV set. The more realistic and functional props are, the more believable a set becomes, which is why 3D stage props are in such high demand.

3D Sculpture Worx has become a trusted name in the prop business thanks to our many capabilities, such as  carving, sculpting, molding, soldering and casting. We also have a vast amount of experience with cabinet making, metal working and other skills the prop industry relies on.

When you work with 3D Sculpture Worx, you can let your imagination run wild. We promise we can keep up.

What will you imagine?


We use a multitude of materials to create 3D stage props, including fiberglass, plastics, wood, metalwork, polystyrene and fabric.  We take great pride in what we do and pay attention to every detail.

We enjoy the challenge of making complex movie, television and theatrical stage props and ensure the 3D models we create are everything you need them to be.

Television Sets & Set Design

3D Sculpture Worx doesn’t just handle props. We also offer TV set design services and have worked with clients such as Warner Bros. and Netflix.

We have the in-house capabilities to bring your film, television, and theatre set to life. No job is too big or too small. 3D Sculpture Worx can assist with large film props, hero props, breakaway props, replica furniture, costume jewelry, action props, armor props, mechanical and electrical props and more.